Wenzhou is a commercial developed areas, where the entrepreneurial gene is very strong, the furniture industry is quite hot. In order to adapt to the development of the national furniture industry, Wenzhou furniture industry in Pingyang to establish a direct sales center to facilitate more people to buy high-quality, affordable furniture products.

"Wenzhou LuxeHome Home Furnishing sales center has entered the planning and design stage." Recently, Wenzhou furniture industry intends to invest 1 billion yuan in Pingyang Wanquan town center built in Wenzhou furniture industry, relying on the brand marketing concept, set design, Home Furnishing Home Furnishing sales, sightseeing and shopping in one of the "Chinese (International) Wenzhou LuxeHome Home Furnishing sales center (complex)".

the project to the enterprise (or individual) as the investment subject, by the chamber of Commerce led to the formation of joint-stock cooperative investment management company, unified planning, unified construction and unified management. The project intends to invest about 1 billion yuan, the construction area of about 200 thousand square meters, the flagship store enterprises settled 80 acres of land for construction, the construction of 60 acres of land, with the construction of integrated stores plate coating, hardware accessories and related products Home Furnishing stores 60 acres of land for construction.

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the establishment of direct sales center in Pingyang county can be said that the Wenzhou furniture industry, this innovation is based on changes in the market, can be said to have very good market vitality. But how to develop in the future, we have to rely on builders and operators to develop their own.

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